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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today is JAN. 30, 2010.

Tomorrow, perhaps on Monday, or the latest time would be February 6, the PNLE Results will be released.


Like most of the exam takers and aspiring licensed nurses, I AM NERVOUS, SCARED, JITTERY, ANXIOUS and what-not. Oh yes I am. After taking the exams last Nov., I was happy that finally, I am a few steps away from that precious license. I basically forgot all the emotions I had during the review and the exams since I was celebrating the holidays like every fellow being.


Rumors have been spreading like wildfire that only 38% of the 95,000+ takers have passed. Thanks to that useful detail, EVERYBODY HAS BECOME CRAZY!

I could not do much for now but WAIT.








I pray that D & G will pass. I pray that BSN 4-S will all pass. I pray that SPCians will get a HIGH PASSING RATE, if 100% is possible, then I have high hopes. I pray that those who are deserving will pass.

Please join me in my prayers.

Thank you.

For now, I'm still WAITING.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


5 years back, when I entered College, I was not prepared for a battle. The kind of battle wherein people don't use violence or any heavy-armored guns. It's a battle wherein actions and words are enough to weaken and even possibly defeat the 'enemy'.

Before I even entered College, I just came from a battle. So I was a freshmen emotionally lost and weak. If I was in a real war, I could compare myself to the pawn or to a private soldier who only has a gun on his hand and lots of courage to fill himself up with.

As I was adjusting to this new life of mine, I found myself lost in a 'war' that I was unaware with. But then, I accepted it and believed that this battle was meant for me.

For almost 5 years, I have been engaged in this predicament. I have experienced so many things. So many triumphs and losses. But still, in this same situation.

With previous encounters I had, I believe that I am stronger and tougher. Just like a lieutenant with numerous badges patched up on his uniform.

Now, I am facing one of the biggest battles. I could not elaborate further. I think you get the picture. Everything that I have learned from the previous could and should be applied here. What were those 5 years for? NO. I am not a coward nor will I ever be a fallen soldier. I will fight. Stand up and charge.

LOVE IS INDEED A BATTLEFIELD. I will NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER SURRENDER. I will fight what for what is righteously ours. I will fight for the happiness you brought me, the love you gave me, the experiences you shared with me.



Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's 10:39 pm and the weather is darn cold. It has been raining for 3 days now. The weather has deeply affected my mood. Rainy days + dark skies = GLOOMorning. I hate it. (but if it had snow, I would be jumping up and down.)

But hey, shoo negativity. Let's talk about my day. ;)

I had a pretty fun-in-a-weird-kind of day today. I went malling alone. Yes, MOI, ME, AKO and ONLY MYSELF. It wasn't my main purpose because I was also there for my business transactions and so on. Went there with my sisters around 4pm and by 5 pm I was strolling around with no passengers on board. Buyers arrived past 6:30 so I had 1 and a half hour of "ME TIME".

By this time, you're feeling pity towards me because in this world, it sucks to be by yourself. But let me spin the world for you. Being alone is actually FUN. Yes, FUN!

The perks: I get to look at hair ties for 30 minutes or so without even worrying if my companion is bored with what I'm doing. I visit every store there is (skipping hardwares and computer shops. duh) and checking out clothes as if I'm buying and no one would care if I looked good on it or not. Sit by the food court and just observe by-passers.

The feeling was relaxing. I would love to have more of those "ME TIME". I'm not denying the fact that there was a bit of sadness but I was able to turn the tables and smile.

Definitely, I'm not the loner type but I would just like to reflect and just be on my own for now.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here I am in a new part of cyberworld..the world of BLOGSPOT.

It is definitely a different place for me since I was used to blogging @

I really thought of it before coming up with this account because more accounts would mean more responsibility in posting, updating, and what not. But I got interested when I saw my sister's blogspot account and so is biance gonzales and dj mo's. So I came up with this.

New account would mean a new name. I hate the name game. I always come up with a lame idea. ahahaha. So I asked a few of my friends from facebook and here's what they got to say. :)

Yeah, so they came up with ideas but I didn't see the ooomph that I wanted to see. But then, credits for my friend Doi Doi Buno aka KEN for the name. In addition, I'm thanking my good pal Jay Fred for inspiring ken. haha

So there you go people.

Always drop by and 'jeck-it-out'. hahaha


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I hereby welcome myself here in Yey!

Finally, I get to have a blog since I can't write blogs at Multiply anymore. Nobody gets to notice it or even see it due to increasing number of online shops flooding the inbox! (I'm actually running two online shops but I don't spam or flood!)

Anyways, I created this account on the day of my birthday. Weee. I didn't get a chance to write anything yesterday. I was too busy having fun with friends.

I turned 21 yesterday. It has been long since I had a house party with friends. I guess the last one was when I was 7 years old. Hahahaha. It was pretty nostalgic yesterday. Me and my friends talked about our college stuff and future plans. Some people became a bit of emotional too. (Guilty? :|) But we had to put away those feelings for a while. Why spoil the fun right? All day long we were CHATTING, EATING, KARAOKE SINGING, and PICTURE TAKING. One of the best days ever.

Now, let me talk about me getting a year older...

I have no problems with the aging process for the reason that I could always pass away as a high school student because of my height. Hahaha. But seriously, everybody gets old. Being a year older requires you to become more mature, more independent and become wiser in making decisions. As the year started, I have already made my career plans. I wanted to start the year right. I have come to embrace that plan yesterday. This is it. Hai...... and that is another story.

You may be asking what my birthday wish would be, but I'm not telling. :)