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Monday, February 8, 2010


My biggest rant for the start of 2010 is work and relationship and why other people think that they don't mix. tsk.

If you work in a call center or as a call center agent. STOP HERE.
If you choose to continue, GO AHEAD. But If by any point or chance, you are offended by my statement, I DON'T CARE. FREEDOM OF SPEECH yo.

If not, please do CONTINUE.

Now where do I start?

Things have been heating up past these days about couples getting into rants and bouts for the reason that one person is working in a call center and the other is just doing something else. I have heard so many stories of break-up because of this. AND I AM NOT HAPPY. I am not saying I have experienced this, neither am I denying it. Just go figure.

The reason for breakup? Lack of time, stress, one chooses his/her career over a loved one, and worse, a third party. Whatever that reason is, the result is all the same. A BREAK UP.
It's such an awful ordeal. Why would one choose to let go of a relationship he or she treasured for so long to a career that he isn't happy to begin with. tsk.

PLEASE. If you go find a work, and at the same time, you are in a relationship, please be mature enough to handle both at the same time. Of course, the other person is not and would never ask you to leave your job. That is absolutely unfair. But if that person is ready to understand what you got yourself in with, ready to accept and adjust, hold on to what you have. You'll never know how long it will last.

I KNOW IT'S NOT EASY. But it's definitely also not easy for your partner. So talk it out. Give each other space but not a permanent break up.

WORK and RELATIONSHIP. Both hard and important. Not the perfect combination but if handled well, it creates magic. :)


Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am definitely not the type who easily gives up. Strong-willed and determined are few of the perfect words that describe my character.

But in situations where I know that no matter how hard I try to not give up, I HAVE TO. The reason? BECAUSE IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO.

I cannot carry the burden of holding on to whatever we have, alone. That is harder than trying to cross a busy street while carrying tons of books. You get the picture.

It has been a long time since I felt this feeling. And it is something that I am not proud of. I wouldn't even choose to remember it.

Now I decided to push the red button. I'M CALLING FOR A TIME OUT.



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