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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


  Born and raised in Davao. Bought at Pet Mate. Japanese Spitz. Male. Spoiled. Stubborn.

Introducing our House Dog, Charlie. Well, we actually have 2 other dogs namely Tabbie and Akon but they're kinda weird..haha.

He's turning 3 this Sept.17, 2010. That's around 21 yrs old in human years. Charlie is my official jogging buddy besides my mom. I wake up around 5:20 am and as soon as he sees me, he jumps around crazily wanting to be chained up and accompany me around the neighborhood. There are times that we bump into other owners and their respective dogs, and my Charlie barks angrily at the other dogs. He doesn't care if it's a Lab, a German Sheperd or an AsPin (Asong Pinoy). I have a belief that the reason why barks at other dogs is that he thinks he is the "Mighty Dog". I always compare him to Bolt, the dog from the movie 'Bolt'. hahaha. 

Charlie is stubborn and maarte. He's a picky eater and everytime he does that, I tell him "Buti ka pa may food dyan, ang ibang aso nagahanap pa sa basurahan ng food tapos sira pa makain nila". He just looks at me with his button-shaped eyes and walks away. I guess he didn't really understand what I said. HAHAHA. That dog! 

There are also times that when we go jogging, he gets tired and stops to walk or run. So I pick him up and carry him around. One guy told our helper that Charlie is sosyal daw because he is being carried. haha. Sometimes, I lose temper that I literally drag him to walk. (Bad owner. hihi). 

When I woke up, I decided to have a morning run. My alarm rang at 5:30 am but I ended up not going because I thought of Charlie. I figured that if he acts stubborn again, then I would lost interest to walk around so that's why I ended up blogging. 

Thanks to Charlie, I get to sit here lazily and not burn calories this morning.

I love you Baby Charlie. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010


Nah. I'm not doing a movie review about Bea and John Lloyd's movie. Come'on. That was ages ago. Bea was still kinda fat and John Lloyd..well, he looks the same. haha.

Life is all about chances.

People make mistakes. Mistakes may be influenced by so many factors yet it remains as it is that it's regretted by the person who did it. I have made errors in the past that I never want to remember. But hey, I did it. I said sorry. I learned from it. LIFE GOES ON.

This very important person broke my heart. I guess it was pretty obvious with the blogs I wrote and the daily status that I post on my personal Facebook account. That person crushed my heart big time. I thought it wouldn't be mended. So then someone came along and I thought he would be the one to put the pieces back together. I wasn't ready at all to jump into anything but still, I came along for the ride. I thought everything was starting to be okay until the important person started coming back.

I was in a dilemma.

Yes. It's in past tense. Because that dilemma has been solved. I made a decision. I'm not entirely sure if it is the right decision but one thing's for sure, BEING WITH HIM FEELS RIGHT. People deserve a second chance. He is worth to be given another shot. Yet he still has to prove himself, I am willing to wait and see. Things don't happen in an instant. I hope we can make things right this time. (OMG. I'm getting emotional. *sniff sniff).



Monday, April 12, 2010

The HKM Experience

jeckitout is BACK ON THE BLOGGER BOARD! Yey! haha

Just got back from a much needed respite. My world got a little bit chaotic over the past few months that's why the vacation felt like a breakaway.

Now, I am back and I have something to blog about! I am referring to my recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau.

Last time I went to Hong Kong was in year 2001. I have been there thrice since I was young and it's my fourth this time. What could I say? I LOVE THE PLACE. Perfect weather. Posh malls. Fun theme parks. Flashy city lights. But there is more to that.

When I was young and didn't care much about the world, I was too naive and just enjoyed everything around me. But this time, when we got to this place, I started to notice so many things that my two cute little eyes were too blind to see way back.

 I'm not trying to dirt bash this country. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I LOVE THIS PLACE! But the people, I can't take them. tsk. People there walk pretty fast..and I mean fast, that even when they bump into you, no matter how strong the impact is, they just give you this 'look' and walk ayaw. No SORRY's. I'm even the one who is saying sorry even though it was their fault. tsk. It didn't only happen to me but to the rest of my family.

In fast food establishments and restaurants, the servers are not super nice unlike Filipinos who greet you with a smile. There was one time when this old employee, who served as a cashier and food server, got mad at my little brother who asked for some water. "Can we have some water, please?", my brother said nicely. Then this woman said "Grrrr.", in front of my lil bro's face. If they do that here, they might get terminated right away. tsk2. That's not how they should treat their customers. This Filipina worker at McDo just told us to leave them alone since they're really masungit daw. hehe. Now we think twice before asking for water. haha. They also have this habit of taking away your plate even if you are not yet done. That's what happened during our buffet breakfast. There was still ketchup on my plate and I wanted to dip my potato wedge in it then this lady had her hand on my plate. Before I could say no, she took it away. Just like that. haha.

Communication is also very difficult. We have a hard time ordering food at restaurants because the waiters/waitresses can't speak English so we ended up choosing meals that comes with a picture on it. haha. One more thing, they don't say THANK YOU. When you leave their place, they just say "BYE" in a weird manner. haha. Maybe that's the way they show their appreciation, I guess. hihi. And when you try to purchase something and haggle for the price, you talk to the seller via his calculator. She inputs the actual price and then I press the numbers of my preferred price. When she nods, then its a deal. That's how buying basically happens. hehe.

When we were in Macau, we found it a bit easier since there were a lot of Filipinos there. From hotel guards to fast food workers. It was easy to ask for directions and order food. My dad even had fun playing at the casinos because of the Filipinos there. This dude down here worked at Macau Tower. Flashing the "LABAN SIGN" for Noynoy. hehe. :)

But just basing my experience on the breathtaking views, wide array of brands, cheaper cost of branded items, the lights, thrill seeking rides, captivating shows, I LOVE HONG KONG and MACAU.

I would love to go back again. I have a few reasons to go back. One is that, I wasn't able to ride the Abyss Turbo Drop @ Ocean Park because I chickened out at the last minute. haha. To give you an idea about the Abyss, it is vertical free fall ride that is 20 floors high above ground level. You could hear screams from miles away. haha.

Another reason would be, because we missed out on the Esprit outlet located at the Ferry Terminal. hehe. :) Even the theme parks and shopping malls are worth coming back for.

For Macau, I would definitely go back, if given the chance and funds. hehe. It is still trying to develop. More hotels are being built, and that would mean more attractions, shows and activities for the tourists and locals. Once everything is established, I'll find a way to go to Macau again. :)

Travelling feels so good. Now where is my next stop?
*for more pictures, check out my photo albums @ my facebook account. OPEN TO FRIENDS ONLY! :)