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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The 2010 Philippine Elections has ended. People are now anxiously waiting for the official declaration of results. Though unofficial results have been spreading like wildfire through the news and worldwide web of leading politicians in their respective positions, nothing is OFFICIAL unless the COMELEC or whatever government organization proclaims the WINNERS. At this moment, I would not be talking about the possible winners, who I rooted for, and those that I did not vote. I will be giving honor to the people behind the elections, and these are THE VOTERS.

I am proud to say that I have participated in our country's first ever automated polls. It may not have gone smoothly as everyone expected but just minor glitches here and there. Some places have declared 'failure of elections' but in majority, it turned out pretty well. THANK YOU LORD!

This blog is dedicated to the UNSPOKEN HEROES of our country.

- The voters who braved the scorching heat of the sun just to queue and claim their priority numbers.
- Those who complained about how long the waiting time is but still waited outside their precincts.
 - The people who embraced the new system of voting and participated in OUR COUNTRY'S FIRST EVER AUTOMATED POLLS. 
- People who chose their candidates simply because they believed in HIM/HER and what HE/SHE stood up for. No strings attached.
 - The ones who are responsible enough to practice their RIGHT TO VOTE.
- The ones who believed that their ONE VOTE could help make a difference.


According to the news, there were only around 15% of the registered voters who did not participate in the elections. How I wished it was 0% but still, 85% is not a bad figure at all.

TO THE REGISTERED VOTERS who extended their efforts to do all those things mentioned above, THANK YOU.

Now, whoever wins the elections, LET US ALL SUPPORT HIM/HER. He/she may not be your favorable candidate, but the majority have spoken.

Let us be united to welcome a BETTER COUNTRY. A BETTER PHILIPPINES.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A familiar reminder given to students especially during examination day. 

Cheating has become a shoddy habit amongst students. However, it is not common only in school but in the political arena as well. Vote buying, flying voters, and what not. Politicians would do everything just to win. I am not generalizing these national leaders but let us not be blinded by the fact that these kind of people exist. 

May 10 is only 4 days from now. I am eager to cast my vote on my candidates. Moreover, I am ecstatic to try the new system of voting and counting which is done automatically. It's not my first time to partake in such responsible task since I placed my preferred set of senatoriables a few years back. But this time, a bigger task is at hand for registered voters have the power to elect a president and vice president. Two authoritative positions which should go to honest and deserving people. I have chosen my candidates and for some reasons, I will not be naming them here. With strong belief, I know that my candidates can lead the country well. 

In reality, especially in the Philippine set-up, choosing a leader is not entirely in the hands of the people. Some evil-minded politicians manage their way to win through cheating. This is what I fear the most come this election day. Rumors have been circulating regarding the major possibility of failure of elections or vote buying. Not believing in my country's capabilities to progress is the last thing that I would do. I love the Philippines but with this system and with these people running our country, I may not have a chance to believe. 

Come this election day, let us all vote wisely. Others may try to influence you to vote a particular candidate,some may even resort to doling out of goods but always remember that it is always up to you. It's just you, your pen and that fragile sheet of paper. Shade the circle beside your candidate's name well to make sure it is counted. We hope for the best candidate to win, fair and square, whoever he or she is.No cheating, PLEASE.