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Friday, June 25, 2010


What used to be a PARTY OF SEVEN is 


This was our last family picture taken during our last trip (as a family) to USA, year 2005. During this time, my sister was already residing at Arizona and we just came over the summer for a visit. 
Yes oh yes, we are a big family. It was not usual abroad to have a brood of seven. During our first US Visa application, I could still remember the bald guy with glasses ,who was set to interview us, tell my mom that we can already be a basketball team. And minutes after, we got ourselves a multiple entry to the land where dreams are made of. :)
Having a lot of members in the family is loads of fun! Imagine the chaos my parents had to go through every single day! hahaha. But seriously, we were all diligent daughters and son. Petty fights would arise here and there. Competition or jealousy was also hard to ward off because as kids, we all try to get attention and recognition from our doting parents. But as we matured, we took diverse paths. My second eldest sister, Ate Jeni is now a successful nurse at California, living with her husband, Edward. My eldest sister also went abroad for work but she's back here living with us, and is now a lucrative CPA, Lawyer. So we were a party of six. 
However, just today, my third and closest sister, Ate Johanna left for The Land Down Under. She is bound to depart around 10:45pm tonight with my mother dear. Call me emotional, but I already miss her. We have this love-hate relationship (but she prefers a hate-hate relationship. haha). Now, she's set to live independently to a place where everything around her is unfamiliar, the place, culture, food, etc. Good thing my mom will stay for her for 14 days to help her adjust to the situation. We have no close family, relative or friend at Melbourne. Although we know some people who live 45 minutes away. 

Anyway, I now have to adjust to this new setup at home. Sleeping alone (me and my sister share the same room ever since. :(, driving for myself, waiting for just 4 people to come home and many more. It won't be the same but I'm aware of the fact that we'll get through this. Just some minor adjustments and we'll do good. 

Now, it's just me, my brother JJ, my sis Jazzie, Mom and Dad.
*I know we will be complete again in the future! WEEEE. hehe. Looking forward! :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010



It seems that I'm stuck at life's crossroads. For days I have been pondering where my life should be headed, but up to now, I am still baffled, undecided, and stagnant. At this point in time, no resolution arose from this dilemma. 

Instead of bickering these rubbish thoughts, I should have acted upon it. Dreams are just dreams unless you do something about it, but I can only take the apposite steps if I HAVE THE HEART TO DO IT. 

So I ask myself, what does my heart really say? Should I go left? right? forward? or reverse? Progression of my actions needs crucial assessment for each step taken would result to significant outcomes. I am troubled to make a decision. How long should I be jammed in this inexplicable dread? 


Or else, I might be stuck at the crossroad.



Thursday, June 3, 2010


Movie Date. Beach Outing. Thanksgiving. Reunion. 


Ever since I was in High School, my name was associated with the word "ORGANIZING". I cannot recall who or what started this but it just did. Possibly, it is due to the fact that when get togethers or parties are planned by the class or the group, I actively involve myself by voicing out suggestions and opinions, hence, I end up planning for the group. I am still befuddled whether this is a positive or a negative thing for me. 

Scheduling a simple get together can be easy if the people invited have flexible schedules. But if it's the opposite, planning a lunch date could take you weeks for it to push through. Some might even have last minute cancellations, and that's a pretty heartbreaking fact. Instead of 10 people coming, you end up being a trio. Tsk.

Frankly, I love doing this. It makes me feel like a nifty member of the group. In the view of the fact that I currently possess three cellphone numbers from three major networks, it makes it easy for me to contact my friends no matter what. I believe this is the fact why most of our group plans succeed because I can contact anybody regardless of load and cellular network. Haha. 

On the other hand, it is tiring to compose a lengthy message including all the details regarding the activity and send it to the group, then by the end of the day, you get only 3 replies out of ten. Ouch! It really doesn't matter if you can go or not, regardless of your reason, but an immediate feedback is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. It is helpful to know the consensus of the group whether or not the plan should be pushed through. Spell C-O-O-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N. 

No one forced me to do any of this (but let's face the fact that people do ask me to plan for the group). I could have easily said NO and that I just don't have the time (or effort) to do so. The truth is, I can't say no because I love hanging out with my friends. Whenever an opportunity comes for a get together, I plan it ASAP. I don't do it alone. I can't. Good friends help me do it. But only those who help me end up going. That's a SAD SAD FACT. I know and I should not blame myself if only a few people could go because I know that I extended all my efforts to contact you, even calling you one-by-one. I do blame myself at times, re-evaluating the situation, I ask myself, where did I go wrong? I also think that there are times that people are too busy because of their careers, DON'T GET ME WRONG, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THAT. It's the opposite that I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. 

As for now, I'm giving myself a rest. People, I do get tired, you know. Tsk. It's your time to shine my friends. Haha. If you're planning something, let me know, I'll see if I can come.