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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sweaty palms. Shivering knees. Scared. Clueless.

That's what I felt when I first set my hands on the wheel. The feeling was inexplicable. It's like I wanted to puke and pee at the same time (pardon my French). The minute I agreed to enroll myself in a driving school, I knew that there was no turning back.

Everyone in my family knows how to drive, well, except for my little brother. He only knows how to turn on the car engine and he's pretty proud about that. I would not laugh about that little sense of accomplishment because that's how I started. Before, every morning he lets me turn the car engine and the aircon because he explained to me that cars should be warmed up for at least 15 minutes specially if it's run by Diesel. 

Around summertime of year 2008, I enrolled for a 1 week driving course at APO Driving School. My dad had to pay around P2,500 and that's good for 5 hours driving with 5 lectures scheduled every Saturday morning. On my first day, I drove a Honda Jazz. It's cute and just about the same size that I practiced on before enrolling. The first thing that the instructor told me was that if I already know how to drive. I simply answered him that I do drive but just around our neighborhood. So he told me drive to Ma-a Road. We stayed for a couple of minutes at the side of the road beside NCCC Mall and he was giving me lectures about the gears, mirrors, etc. And guess what, after 10-15 minutes, he told me to drive all the way and we reached the Diversion Road (a highway). I got really nervous that I wanted my 1 hour to end fast. Day 2 was different because I got a little confident after driving on the highway during the first day. And so the 5 days went on safely and smoothly.

During my review classes (2009), I practiced driving to my review center with my sister. But then she had to take the car back to the house after. They didn't really let me bring the car myself. In the first place, I do not know how to park. LOL. It just went on like that. It was only this year that I started to bring the car alone. I was still not good at parking and my speed limit was 30 km/h. Sloooooow. Tell me about it. Tsk. After so many hours and days of practicing, they let me drive our Toyota from our house to my dad's office. It was only a 10 minute drive but my nerves were acting crazy. Thank God I arrived in one piece. haha.

Our 1993 Toyota Corolla. It went through a lot of bumps and grinds but still running. :)
This is also the car that I drive around for errands and laag.

From then on, I can drive anywhere, as long as I have someone with me who knows the streets well. I've been living here in Davao for 21 years but I suck at directions, believe me. I felt proud for the fact that my parents trust me with our car. It is such a big responsibility to take on but I did it..well, still doing it. I also get a bit intimidated because my parents and all my sisters know how to drive. I am the kind of person that doesn't want to be left alone. haha. So that did kind of pushed me to really learn. 

Now, I can drive any of our 3 cars and yes, manually operated. I would love to drive automatic since it would feel like driving a bump car (minus the bumping thing). Step on go and stop. Driving with a stick is a bit complicated and you really have to be alert to shift gear, or step on the brakes, etc. Well, I got used to it.

Our Kia Avella. It is our 'practice' car. But since it was repainted and all, I now have to be extra careful.

It was only during this month that my dad really allowed me to be behind the wheels of our family car. He has no choice but to let me since my sister who officially drives it is already in abroad. I will never forget his face when I first told him I'd drive it by myself to pick up my mom. He was hesitant but again, he had no choice. hihi. To be honest, I was afraid. That car was extra special to my dad because it's his favorite. I hid my fear and acted confident so he would trust me. 

Just this week, my luck with cars went really low. Last Monday, July 19, I accidentally bumped our car's rear to a little tree. The tree was really short and I didn't see it (or wasn't I looking??). So as a result, it damaged the bumper. Boo.

Daddy's Car. 

Jessica's Signature on Dad's Car. hahaha. Stupid Tree. 

Then July 23, last Friday, a car hit the rear of the Toyota car. It was an accident and of course, it was not my fault. I guess he just didn't 'see' my car. I don't know with that guy. All I know is that it's his fault. But I can't help but cry on that day. I felt embarrassed to have committed two minor car accidents in less than a week. A first in the family. Tsk. 

This car went through a lot. If you see the whole back of this car, it has so many scratches. 
But I would love to call it as 'beauty marks' and here's the latest addition. :)

Well, with what I went through over the week, I'm just thankful that I'm still in one piece. Nothing really major happened and I am not asking for one. Oh please, Dear God, no. My loving parents still let me drive. I am just hoping that this would be the last of this experience. 

I still want to drive and go 
but please, NO MORE POW.

My sister told me that in abroad, you'll be able to identify if the car is owned by a Filipino 
because of the hanging rosary on the back view mirror. 
"Almighty God, Please Keep Us Safe Always".



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