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Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's been ages since I visited this blog account. Much has been going on lately and I barely have time to write. I got my hands full with responsibilities that I could not sit down and take time to just express my thoughts into writing.

At this point in time, our house is silent. This type of silence is deafening. As a result, I am feeling a bit blue because I remember so many people and so many things that I miss right now.

I MISS............

.........the beach and swimming.
- I loooove the water. Swimming makes me feel carefree and relaxed. Whether I'm at the pool or the beach, I never miss the chance to take a dip.

.........riding jeepneys.
- It's been months since I rode a jeepney. When I started driving, I never got the chance to ride one of the Philippine's unique mode of transportation. Believe me, there are times and situations wherein you wished that you were riding a jeepney rather than driving. When you bring a car, you have to pay for the fuel, look for a parking space, and sometimes pay for the parking fee. As compared to jeepneys, all you need to do is pay like P7.00 and you are set to go to your destination without worrying about other things.

.........watching movies.
- I am a movie fan, seriously. Whether it is shown at movie houses or on HBO, even on a pirated DVD (sorry OMB), I watch it. I love romcoms, thriller/suspense, action/comedy, fantasy, scifi but please, NO HORROR MOVIES. Now, I'm set to watch the movie "GROWNUPS" by myself at our living room.

- The loud noise and laughing with friends are the things I miss the most. Now I am stuck at home, set to watch a movie with my bag of chips, alone. Some of my friends are busy or just not physically present. This is just saddening.

..........working out.
 - Hip hop abs used to be my bestfriend, but now I barely see the bald dude on the screen of my computer. I used to work out every 5pm but then I chose to work for 2 part time jobs and earn money. Now I sit here as I continue to build more flabs than abs. sigh.

 - If I still had my visa, I should have been enjoying the time of my life at the land of make believe. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, it was denied for renewal and I'm stuck here trying to imagine theme parks, shopping outlets and caucasian males. haha.

 - I used to blog a lot but I am taking care of a lot of things that I barely have time for myself. I run errands, drive for my mom, go on duty, work part time and much more. Writing is one way for me to just express whatever is in me. Now that things piled up, I could not resist but write. This is my outlet and I thank God that I have such blog account to make this possible.

There are just a lot of things that I miss doing. Though this doesn't mean I'm complaining of my life right now. Actually, my life is doing great..let me make that awesome. I'm working, undergoing a training, earning..basically living semi-independently like what a young adult should do.

I am blessed to have this kind of life. I hope I could find the time to do all the things I MISS.

Have a great weekend :)


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