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Friday, July 16, 2010


It has been awhile since I blogged. So many things were happening lately, that I was not able to just sit down and blog about anything or everything. Now I'm back and I have a few things to say about the happenings between the month of June and July. :)

IT'S OFFICIAL......Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has been declared as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines last June 30, 2010. Honestly, I was not able to witness the inaguration since I left at around 10:30 am to watch Eclipse. (Sorry Motherland! hihi) I should have witnessed a historical event through the plasma screen but I opted to watch a blockbuster at the cinema. Shame on a pure blooded Filipino like me! haha. But I wasn't griping all day because I know for a fact that I was not alone. I was with a couple of friends and there were a lot of people on the movie houses on that day too. I guess they missed the ceremony unless they have this ultra high-tech cellphone with a television. haha. I am proud to have voted Mr. P. Noy. Go Yellow Army!

*Thumbs up to Mr. P. Noy :)

IT'S OFFICIAL......Mr. D and me got back together. Yey! It happened spontaneously last July 9. While we were dining and talking at Coco's, I suddenly told him YES! :) That's the word he waited for 3 months. That was a very busy day for me..doing all the errands all day and driving from North to South, from East to West (with a little exaggeration right there. haha). I realized that all the way, he's really there beside me, like literally. He was sitting at the passenger's seat while I drove back and forth. Oh how I wish he would get a license so that we could take turns. :)

*Notice how our hands and the space below form a heart shape?
Unintentional. :)

IT'S OFFICIAL......I'm employed! Congratulations to me. :) Though it's not a job related to my profession, it is very much connected to my passion, which is writing. The salary is just okay. It's not that I can shop for all the clothes that I want in the world, but hey, it's still a decent job and I'm GOING TO GET PAID. (That's in future tense because I still didn't receive my first salary. LOL)

*Those are pretty nails. But it's not mine. 

IT'S OFFICIAL.....My dad's letting me drive our family car! Yahoo! When my sister, Ate Hanna was still here, she was the only one SUPER trusted by my dad to drive that big car. He was also okay with my eldest sis driving it but NOT ME. He still didn't have that much confidence in me, although I have tons myself. (hehe). Since my sis went abroad, he has no other choice but to let me drive it. So there you go daddy yo, live with the reality that I'm driving your precious car. Don''t worry, I'll take care of it..that's a promise. :)

*For the record, that is NOT OUR CAR. Our license plate starts with the letter
 L since I'm from Davao. I just grabbed this from google. :)

As I told you, so many things were happening lately and I am super thankful that most of it brought positive vibes. Keep it coming....

Thank you Lord! :)


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